tackling health inequalities in Cumbria and Northumberland
Carlisle Community Choir
Carlisle Community Choir,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthAble

 Total amount raised for good causes is £1,695,628

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Carlisle Community Choir Carlisle £16,380 This new two-year project will enable local people from the Harraby and Upperby areas of Carlisle to come together and form a new community choir, which will involve some existing members of the current choir along with new members, including people in local residential care homes, in order to bring the joy of singing to the residents, many of whom experience memory loss. By bringing members of the choir into the residential settings, the project will encourage social interaction. The project will be led by a steering committee of local residents and people from the care homes.
Lazonby & District Swimming Pool Association Ltd Penrith £16,398 This new two-year project will provide disabled facilities and access along with associated activities to enable all people to access the community outdoor swimming pool at Lazonby in Penrith, Cumbria. The works will involve building a disabled wet room and the installation of a manually-propelled shower chair, hoist and play equipment so that people with additional needs and limited mobility can take part in activities at Lazonby & District Swimming Pool. During the summer, there will also be weekly aquafit group swimming sessions and in the winter there will also be indoor sessions of chair-based exercises. The intention of the project is to increase the participants’ social independence and enable them to take part in activities at the swimming pool.
Mount Pleasant Road Community Group Carlisle £31,618 A new two-year project seeking to bring local people together regularly to celebrate their neighbourhood, enabling new and older residents to get to know neighbours, find out what people think of the area they live in, share stories about the area and celebrate the neighbourhood. This project will improve the community, foster community spirit and will benefit residents living in Currock and Upperby in Carlisle, Cumbria.
M-Unit Carlisle £21,856 This new two-year project will bring together members of the Carlisle Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community to plan and deliver a range of celebratory events that will highlight the City’s cultural diversity. The BAME community is relatively small and scattered with few opportunities to come together and undertake collective activities. The project would raise awareness of different cultures within the City, promote mutual understanding and increase social cohesion.
Northumberland Community Development Company Northumberland £39,752 This two-year project builds on the ‘Let’s Get Together’ project previously supported by the Trust. It aims to strengthen community connectivity across the sparsely populated area of South Tynedale in Northumberland by working with existing village hall committees. Residents will be able to socialise, learn and access health and wellbeing initiatives which will enhance mental health, as well as physical health. Learning from the existing project will be used to encourage more men, as well as women and children to participate. The project will support people to move towards looking after themselves and each other, revitalising economies through local employment.
Pride in North Cumbria Carlisle £45,432 A new two-year project developed by an existing youth group, seeking to bring generations together to record LGBT history in Carlisle and surrounding areas. This will be done through the facilitation of discussion and social groups enabling people to get to know each other and build trust, record experiences and stories, and gather information. Building on these sessions the group will decide how and what information to share with the wider community. The group will encapsulate how people’s lives have developed and the similarities and differences between then and now.
Healthy Hopes Cumbria LTD  Whitehaven £17,897 This new two-year project will establish a self-help and support group for people experiencing mental health issues and who live in Whitehaven in west Cumbria. The group will be led by its members with the help of volunteers and provide a safe environment in which to share experiences and gain support. The project will strengthen the support available from within the local community.
SpLinter Group Northumberland £31,300 This new two-year project led by participants, aims to raise awareness of access issues faced by young people with learning disabilities living in rural areas in North Northumberland, in order to encourage their participation in local activities and improve their professional skills. The project will organise awareness-raising and social events, external activities including meeting with local organisations, attending markets and employment fairs, sports and volunteering, and provide accredited training for participants. A weekly support group will provide peer support and time for events planning and training for participants.
Barrow Deaf Club Barrow £49,359 This new two-year project aims to deliver a range of activities for deaf and hearing-impaired people living in Barrow-in-Furness, a town and borough in Cumbria.  The project was catalysed by a community consultation identifying the need to improve social inclusion among deaf people and work to influence other service providers to make their services more accessible. Around 45 deaf people will regularly take part in activities by the end of the project, which will deliver over 350 sessions offering social opportunities, community engagement and family events. 
Furness Carers Barrow and Furness  £25,676 This new two-year project will provide advice, support and information to parent carers who live in the Barrow and Furness area. It will also deliver a weekly parent support group enabling parent carers to meet parents in a similar position and offer mutual support and make friendships. Alongside this, there will be one-to-one support available from a parent carers support worker. The intention is that through these services the health and wellbeing of parent carers in the area will be improved and they will become less socially isolated.
Hexham Youth Initiative Hexham £18,732 This new two-year project aims to deliver sessional activities during term-time and school holidays for children and young people aged 8-16 years living in Hexham East, Northumberland, in order to raise their aspiration and self-esteem, and improve wellbeing. A Youth Leaders Group will design and organise the programme based on the requests of the young people. Day trips will also be organised in the school holidays for the young people and their families to socialise together and with others in the community. 
Petteril Bank Community Association Carlisle £22,623 This new one-year project will provide a monthly community cinema club showing films chosen and made by the local community in the Petteril Bank area of Carlisle, Cumbria. The project seeks to offer an affordable alternative to the city centre cinemas and bring generations together through film screenings and also filmmaking. Training workshops will be provided in year one to enable members of the local community to tell their own stories through the production of short documentaries, with those trained then training new cohorts. A steering group of local residents of all ages will lead the project, with a second planning group established to collate cinema requests from the local community and develop the events programme.  

Wigton Youth Station

Wigton £21,810 This new two-year project aims to deliver sessional activities for young men (14-17 years old) at risk of mental health issues living on housing estates in Wigton, a market town in Cumbria. The project aims to give young men the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and fears around mental health by looking at trigger points, signs of depression, the value of talking, and sharing problems. The aim is to help young people develop their emotional resilience. Activities will include producing an artwork and engaging in other positive activities which promote conversation. Laptops will enable young people who do not have access to a computer at home to seek online support.

Full Circle Food Project

Ashington £37,093 This new two-year project will establish a Men’s Shed initiative for men suffering from long-term unemployment. The project will deliver 192 sessions of allotment based growing activities but will also include informal chat and support. The project will be based in Ashington and address issues of mental ill-health, social or emotional isolation, and general community and neighbourhood work.

Harraby Together We Can (HTWC)

Harraby  £34,562 This new two-year project aims to provide a full programme of activities for the local community taking place at a community theatre in Harraby, a suburb of Carlisle. There will be a mixture of events based on needs and interests identified by the local community along with new activities to broaden their horizons. The project will utilise a newly-developed theatre venue.

Headstrong Productions

Blyth £46,266  This new two-year project will work with a group of adults with learning disabilities from Blyth, a town and civil parish in Northumberland. The group will run a creative printing group where they can design and print of a range of products such as cards, t-shirts and bags with a view to selling the items at a regular market stall. The project aims to enable people to get together, be creative and showcase participants’ skills.

Mirehouse Residents Group

Mirehouse £21,644 This new two-year project will host workshops to help residents in an estate in Mirehouse to develop their poetry, story and song-writing skills. The scheme will be open to local residents of all ages and abilities. Participants will be encouraged and supported to present their works at two public performances each year. The project will be based in Whitehaven, a small coastal town in Cumbria, and address: low educational attainment or risk of this, social or emotional isolation, and general community and neighbourhood work.

Silloth Rugby Union Football Club

Silloth £12,340 This new two-year project aims to create a youth club for children in the Silloth area of Cumbria. It will be based at the Silloth Rugby club and will offer indoor and outdoor activities twice a week including arts and crafts and music. It has been prompted by requests from local children as there are no youth facilities in the area. It aims to address issues related to risk of offending and poor physical environment as well as to make a contribution to the local community.

Skaters Of Carlisle (SoC)

Carlisle £36,944 This two-year project will formalise similar activity already taking place. The project will deliver 192 sessions of skateboarding related activity for marginalised young people living near Carlisle skate park. Activities will include a coaching programme and a series of skate jam events. The project aims to break down barriers between skate park users and the wider community.

Wansbeck Golden Age Forum

Ashington & Newbiggin £30,049 This two-year project is the development of Wansbeck Golden Age Forum’s existing work. It will provide a range of new activities including local history sessions, IT and craft sessions, visits to the local cinema and theatre and shopping trips. It aims to benefit older people, mostly those over 70, who are from Ashington and Newbiggin in Northumberland. It is in response to many of the forum’s members becoming less mobile and more isolated due to illness. 
Barnabas Safe and Sound  Morpeth £20,614 This new project will employ two young people from the Stobhill area of Morpeth to support existing staff to deliver an additional youth activity session at the Stobhill Youth Centre. The two young people will also train for their AQA Level 1 in youth work.
Botcherby Community Association Botcherby




This new two-year project will transform one of the Community Centre’s meeting rooms into a not-for-profit soft play facility delivered daily for families from marginalised areas of Bothcherby. The project aims to provide an affordable place for all families to play with their children but in particular, it aims to support young mothers, single parents and families with disabled children. It also aims to offer the facility as a crèche for those wishing to use the community centre’s not-for-profit gymnasium.
Northumberland Community Development Company South Tynedale £44,200 This new two-year project aims to build on existing activities taking place in a cluster of villages in South Tynedale and create new opportunities for inter-village projects. Community champions will be trained in each location to help local people identify the support they need and an intergenerational volunteering approach will be taken to develop mini-projects.
Pride in West Cumbria Carlisle £45,437 This new 18-month project aims to develop a befriending scheme for young (13-25) lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people offering friendship and learning opportunities for young people identifying as (LGBT) or questioning their sexuality. Befrienders/mentors will be trained to deliver this service.
Sustainable Carlisle Carlisle £27,968 This 24-month (96-week) project will extend an existing ‘community organising’ project into the Stanhope Road/Dowbeck Road area of Carlisle. The project will involve a Community Organiser helping local people to express their feelings about the community and become engaged in grassroots community activity.
The Ewanrigg Local Trust Ewanrigg £5,364 This two-year project is the amalgamation of several ideas which the group has already tried out. The applicant will form a volunteer support group which aims to be fun and sociable. Participants will come up with solutions to local issues and will come from the Ewanrigg, Hillside and Netherton estates.
Upperby Court Residents Committe Carlisle £6,440 This existing 21-month project aims to deliver a programme of social activities for elderly residents of Upperby Court, Carlisle.
Abbeytown Community Youth Group Abbeytown £16,000 This existing 24-month project promotes healthy outdoor activities, family participation and a sense of community spirit for people in Abbeytown and surrounding villages.  Activities include; camping, rock climbing, abseiling, sailing etc.
Community and Voluntary Action Blyth Valley Newsham £35,974 This new two-year project will deliver a programme of support and training to residents of Newsham. It will provide Newsham and New Delaval Residents Association (NNDRA), the local residents association, with skills, experience and know-how from an experienced capacity-building officer. The intention of the scheme is to increase the range of activities available in the local area using a pavilion building as a community hub.
Mirehouse Community Centre Association Whitehaven £47,567 This is a continuation of three existing activities for a further 24 months. The project will deliver ‘Men in Sheds’ sessions, four social enterprise training courses as well as playschemes during holidays. Beneficiaries will come from the Mirehouse estate in Whitehaven.
Triple F Carlisle £17,408 This new one-year project will engage with older men (65 plus) through fortnightly sessions that focus on sharing stories and memories of amateur football in the 1970s. The men being targeted are from small, socially isolated neighbourhoods. The project aims to bring them together to celebrate the rich local heritage of street level football rivalries and begin an archive of stories, photographs and memorabilia which will be collated to form a commemorative booklet, interactive website, an awards event and intergenerational exhibition match.
M-UNIT  Carlisle £20,800 This new 12 month project aims to engage with the BAME community to develop a research/arts project to create a structure/automaton for display that celebrates the positive images of black people who have lived and worked in Carlisle, creating a safe space for the group to share and celebrate their own cultural heritage and provide young black people with positive role models.
Kendal Windows of Art (KWoA)  Kendal £15,585 This new 14-month project aims to deliver, showcase and evaluate a series of intergenerational creative workshops and events in the Kirkbarrow area of Kendal
Dare Projects Barrow-in- Furness £33,302 This new 24-month project will deliver 180 sessions of dance and moving classes for families living in Blake Street and the surrounding area of Barrow in Furness. The activities will offer families regular weekly classes and take part in three community celebration events.
Signal Film and Media Barrow-in-Furness £48,580 To run film and creative media workshop activities for young and older people living in Walney Island (Barrow-in-Furness) aiming to bring local people together through sharing of stories and learning new skills.
Fourth Action Belford £34,820 Fourth Action’s East Amble Women’s Workshop will provide a mentoring scheme and deliver building and art projects for women of all ages in the town.
Ashington Amateur Boxing Club Ashington £8,150 This one-year project will deliver intergenerational boxing and fitness-themed coaching to residents of the Hirst area of Ashington.
Ashington Community Development Trust Ashington £46,419 To establish community access plots around the town of Ashington where fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown by the community for the community.
Community Reach Carlisle £30,800 Provide opportunities for the residents of Raffles Estate (Carlisle), of all ages, to access a range of services including parenting support, cooking groups, domestic abuse support groups, a job club providing IT access, and computer skills.
Mirehouse Residents Group Mirehouse £17,266 Provide weekly activities on the estate – particularly the West side – and aims to benefit residents on low incomes.
Cowpen Quay Community Association Blyth £23,744 Provide short courses and a meeting point for women from ethnic minorities to enable them to integrate into the community easier.
Marsh Street Arches and Garden CIC Barrow-in-Furness £7,535 Run a scheme to help support local people grow their own food by offering a range of training and skills workshops.
Mirehouse Residents Group Mirehouse £13,097 Introduce a project that will demonstrate health eating and exercise can be fun and affordable by bringing the community together.
Cumbria Gateway Carlisle £23,488 Provide a lunch club for people with mental health issues over an 18-month duration. The project will support more than 30 local sufferers.
East Hartford Community Association East Hartford £15,675 Organise and run activities for the whole community of the village of East Hartford. The project will cater for all ages and run for over 70 weeks.

Botcherby Community Association

Botcherby £23,000 To work with people from Botcherby in the design and implementation of a physical piece of art which will be a gateway to their estate. The project will target young families, the unemployed and young adults and work to build confidence and motivation.
Sustainable Carlisle Town £7,033 To establish a Time Bank targeting working-age adults, who experience barriers to work and enable participants to develop skills that participants can use and provide access to other community activities such as the Credit Union, Money Advice Service and local food growing schemes.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Silloth RUFC Silloth £10,000 Enable the club to work with five local schools to create a junior section at the club that will allow boys and girls to take part in regular healthy exercise.
DARE Dance Barrow-in-Furness £9,500 To provide a ten-month dance project in Hindpool, Barrow in Furness that will increase the health and well-being of local people.
Lazonby and District Swimming Pool Lazonby £5,000 Provide a season ticket to members of the local community in need and help train four young people as lifeguards to give them employment opportunities.
Haverigg Cricket Club Haverigg £6,127 Provide coaching and promote a healthy and active lifestyle, particularly among overweight children using portable gym equipment.
Kendal CIL and South Lakes Shopmobility Kendal £9,500 Provide accessible transport for people in an area void of reliable transport to increase social interaction and improve people's mental health.
Abbeytown Community
Youth Group
Abbeytown £8,000 To provide outdoor adventure activities to 40 young people aged 12-19 in Abbeytown, Cumbria, such as creating flower beds, weeding, litter picking, painting benches and planters.
Seven Stars Theatre Company Blyth & Bedlington £6,896 Provide a programme for people with learning disabilities from two-day care centres in Blyth and Bedlington. The project will promote health through drama and movement, and improve confidence and self-esteem.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Mind   £50,237 Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
Youth Sports Trust   £42,467 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
Royal Voluntary Service   £39,832 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.
Youth Sports Trust   £43,750 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
Sustrans   £43,357 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.
Carers Trust   £46,801 To support carers and ensure they are making health choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
Mind   £48,164 Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
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