tackling health inequalities in Cumbria and Northumberland
SpLinter Group
SpLinter Group,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.


If you have a news story that is health-related and of interest to the people of Cumbria and Northumberland email us: media@healthablecic.org.uk

Local group celebrates over £31,000 funding
Barrow-in-Furness groups receive £75,000 funding
Carlisle Group Receives £22,623 funding
Hexham Group Receives £18,732 funding
Local charities celebrate over £93,000 funding
Cumbria charities share £48,000 funding
Ashington charities share £56,430 funding pot
New funding available for local groups in Cumbria and Northumberland
Charity attend event hosted by Simon Cowell
Funding programme open to new applicants
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