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Charity attend event hosted by Simon Cowell

Members of Dare Dance, a group that helps improve the health and well-being through community projects, were special guests at an event hosted by Simon Cowell at Claridge’s in London.

Karen Whitehouse and group members Chloe Walsh and Eleanor Tkocz attended The Health Lottery Tea Party to help celebrate £32 million of new good causes funding raised by society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

The event was attended by celebrities and representatives from local charity projects that have been funded by People’s Health Trust. The Trust uses the good causes money to support people in disadvantaged communities to grow up, live, work and age well.

Dare Dance received almost £10,000 of funding from People’s Health Trust – using money raised by HealthAble through The Health Lottery. The new funding has enabled them to set up a ten month dance project in Hindpool, including peer group dance classes for all ages and intergenerational events.

Karen Whitehouse, of Dare Dance, said: “The tea party was not only great fun but provided a chance for members of the charity sector to get together and share experiences. 

"It was great to see how The Health Lottery helps to support vital community organisations.  Organisations such as ours strive to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health of our communities and funding from such sources as this is imperative for us to continue our work.”

John Hume, chief executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “Without a doubt, the society lotteries and The Health Lottery are one of the highest profile and most successful new sources of funding that the charity sector has seen in years.

"It is innovative, fresh and it’s desperately needed. It’s hard to believe how much has been raised already.

“Communities, charities, local groups and local people are experiencing some of the hardest times at the moment. It is at times like this, with massive public sector cuts, that people turn to their local community groups and charities.”

So far, more than 500 charities and community groups and over 50,000 people have already benefitted from the new funding raised through The Health Lottery. 

The event was held on Thursday, 28 March.

Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.
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